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The Abilities of Ninjas

What does "Ninjutsu" mean?

One of the reasons why ninja (E) are loved all over the world today may be in the "mystique of ninja ". A ninja has a perfect command of eccentric and mysterious abilities in his mission. These skills are called " ninjutsu (Ep) " in Japanese. The characteristics of ninjutsu is close to conjuring tricks. A ninja has the ability to make an illusion for his enemies by the playing on the imagination of human psychology and make it seem like supernatural phenomena. A lot of ninjutsu was something adapted in after a long time from novels, comics, movies, and so on. There exist people who became models of ninjas in fiction, and it is true that they showed surprising abilities and ninjutsu. Now, I am going to introduce the kind of abilities and ninjutsu a ninja actually has.


The shadow cloning technique

The shadow cloning technique (Bunshin-no-Jutsu g̏p) - this is a very famous ninja's ability because of movies and animated cartoons. To the enemies, a singular ninja seems plural, like cell division. Needless to say, it is impossible that a living person can be divided. The trick is below. If a man gazes at only one object, the figure of the thing come to be fixed and it remains in his brain as "an afterimage ". The shadow cloning technique is the skill of utilizing this illusion. A ninja runs with great speed and stops around his opponent so, in his eyes, only an image of the ninja-stopping stays and a figure of the ninja-running does not remain. The result of it is that it seems to the enemy that two ninjas exist. It goes without saying that a ninja must have a stupendous physical ability to realize such magic.

" Katon No Jutsu "

" Katon No Jutsu (Γق̏p) " is the ninjutsu for using fire. A ninja has a great ability to deal with fire. In movies and animated cartoons, we can find many scenes where a ninja generates fire on their palms and throws it at their foes but real katon no jutsu is not so. Of course, a ninja often utilized fire for their arrows, grenades and mines and set fire in towns and castles of their targets. However katon no jutsu is basically the technique for escaping from their enemies with prepared fire and smoke screens. In a way, katon no jutsu is a means for retreating rather than raiding.

" Suiton No Jutsu "

This is ninjutsu with " water (ق̏p ) ". When a ninja dived into water, he would bring out a hollow bamboo utensil for breathing on the surface of the water and he would wait for the enemies to leave. But it is doubtful that the reality was so. Water comes into a hollow bamboo utensil so easily that water interferes with the breathing of a ninja and if a ninja dived into some deep water, he would need to prepare a very, very long hollow bamboo utensil. Ninjas had a great ability to dive and swim like a free diving player. A ninja could spend a long time in the water without breathing and sometimes he would emerge in shallow water. Then, he would observe the state of the situation while breathing by using a hollow bamboo utensil.

" Mizugumo No Jutsu "

" Mizugumo No Jutsu (w偂̏p) " refers to the ninja skill of walking on water like a water spider by setting wooden disks on their soles named " Mizugumo (w) ". Today ,the existence of this art is doubted. According to a certain experiment, it is just possible for children to walk on the water wearing mizugumo on their soles, but it is impossible for adults. Ninjas did however have an ability to swim without making a sound, so I guess it is practical enough that a ninja would cross a river without being noticed by his enemies. Thence, Mizugumo No Jutsufs legend was born. One of the theories insists that Mizugumo-no-Jutsu is the right way when crossing the water.

" Kakuremi No Jutsu "

" Kakuremi No Jutsu (Bg̏p) " is a craft where a ninja himself becomes a part of the view and he waits till his enemy goes past. Ninjas were able to hide themselves, giving off no signals and becoming like an inanimate object as though they didnft exist. Furthermore, ninjas were incredibly flexible and agile. Wherever they were, they could assimilate into part of the landscape like a chameleon.

" Chouyaku Jutsu "

" Chouyaku jutsu (p) " is the simple ability of " jumping " . It is said that a ninja could jump 5 meters for a long jump and 3 meters vertically. It is no doubt that a ninja's jumping ability was as incredible as an Olympians.

" Sakki Jutsu "

" Sakki Jutsu (@Cp) " is a skill of so called "reading between the lines ".
It means perceiving "the state of the heavens", " the profit of the earth ", and "the menace from man ". As ninjas were spies, they needed to be able to promptly feel a personfs state and mind from and whether they were hostile or not from their intuition.
In short, it is "Feeling,before Knowing ".
It can be said that this ability is the most important for a ninja among all abilities of ninjutsu.
Ninjas always had a specific way of breathing. By habit, he could control his own mind and he had an ability to realize things that ordinary people cannot feel.