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How Ninjas Trained Themselves

The incredible training that makes ninja !

As previously mentioned, ninjas (E) were people that carried out espionage and guerrilla warfare with methods superior to ordinary people. Ninjas accumulated specific training from their infancy, letfs have a look at some of the training they received.


The training of the eyes

Japaneseoil lampstand

oil lampstand

It can be said that sight was the lifeline for a ninja because they judged almost all information with their eyes. In a crisis when raiding his enemies, they needed to read the moves of their opponents to escape. Actually, ninjas had a surprising level of vision. There are basically two types of vision. One is "static vision " which is grasping something at a standstill. The other is "dynamic vision" which is catching something moving. Certainly, a ninja trained in both of them. In addition to that, ninjas could see something well even in darkness. So what kind of trainings did a ninja have to attain such superhuman sight ? Firstly, this is a matter of training, ninjas basically lived deep in the mountains. Thanks to the environment, their vision advanced naturally. They were surrounded by green lush trees that were good their eyes making it possible for the ninja to be able to see far. It is without saying that there were no streetlights on mountains meaning it was quite natural that a ninja could get good sight. Also, ninjas disciplined themselves and trained for this too. To begin with, an oil lampstand was turned on, and in front of them, Japanese paper was set and the ninja opened some tiny holes on the paper. The training was that ninjas counted the number of holes from afar. Incidentally, there is vision discipline which is similar to this in present vision recovery training. Another training was for a ninja to repetitively go in and out of a pitch black closet into a bright room.

For running fast and jumping high



It is needless to say that ninjas needed superior leg strength because as they were spies. In the case of invading hostile places, strong jumping power was necessary for a ninja in the circumstances of escaping from there by springing over a high wall with one jump. So how did ninjas train themselves to acquire such an ability? One of the very famous ways is below. First of all, ninjas would sow the seeds of early growth bamboo and hemp on the ground, ninjas would jump over them everyday as training. Bamboo and hemp grow several centimeters in a day and eventually they grow to 3 or 4 meters high.The growing period takes about 3 or 4 months. In that time, ninjas acquire an amazing jumping ability.

What is the walking method which is fast without fatigue?



Ninjas walked with stealthy steps to keep them from being seen or noticed by their enemies. At that time, the remarkable thing was that ninjas used a style of walking called " nanba walking " . " Nanba walking " is a movement that is the exact opposite of a "march". It means that when a ninja stepped forward with his right foot, he would swing his right hand, and similarly when he raised his left foot, he would swing his left hand. For ordinary people, nanba walking would seem unnatural, but when a person has gotten used to this style of walking, they can walk without making a sound. Furthermore, it is said that people get less tiredness if they walk in this way. Some say that ninjas could calmly walk (run) 200km in a day in this way. Interestingly enough, " Hikyaku (r) ", who are Japanese classical express postmen also adopted this style of walking.

The Insight of Ninja

I already explained that ninjas had to have various knowledge and culture for the necessity of pretending". Above all, the most important thing for a ninja was "feeling before knowing" the change of the situation and human mind. In order to acquire these abilities it is said that ninjas accepted mind-body practice laws which are very close to "Yoga". Also, ninjas practices methods which Buddhist priests do also. They were Zen-meditation (T), meditation by sitting under a waterfall, and so on. The spells which a ninja recited and the symbolic signs with fingers which a ninja made were similar things to Buddhists. More than anything, the most notable education for a ninja was the "Arts of War".
I think the most famous "Book about Arts of War " was "Sun-Tzufs (q) ". Sun-Tzu's Book was written 2500 years ago in China. In passing, it was Napoleon's desk-side book. The precious thing is that in chapter 13 of the book, the importance of a spy and double agents is stated, chapter 13 is the final chapter in the book. In short, it may mean that even in the classical ages, espionage was the most important in strategy and tactics. Then, according to one theory, ninjas and " Ninjutsu (Ep) " were born in China and found its way to Japan and developed there. At any rate, It seems almost certain that ninjas used to learn Sun-Tzu and that ninjas acquired other arts of war which came from China or grown in Japan.


A Ninja's breathing

Breathing methods form the backbone in oriental physical cultures. Ninja used specific breathing methods. It is something called "double breathing " and it was very characteristic of a ninja. Ninjas were often in circumstances where they had to keep stopping their breath like in the water or in the fire. Accordingly, the breathing training was indispensable for a ninja. Ninjas could get a fatigue-free body by performing breathing training on a daily basis and such practice was also useful training for concentration of the mind for a ninja.